Erin Trafford

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I am an award-winning broadcaster, media and brand ambassador and influencer marketing strategist.

I’m a city mouse and a country mouse.

I grew up in downtown Toronto and now live in a tiny village in Nova Scotia.

I know. I’m a walking contradiction. But here's why it works.

I have years of experience in mainstream media and when the digital wave happened, I was already running an extremely successful lifestyle blog with 140K organic page views a month. I was working with brands; I was an 'influencer' before the industry coined the term.

The hilarious thing about all of this is I was a journalist on purpose and a blogger by accident and now, I’m a deliberate blend of the two.

It’s my sole mission in life to tell stories that matter - whether they are from brands, about brands, cultural movements, city events - stories that matter.

We all know content is king, but the king is a lonely dude without his strategic storytelling queen. And that’s me.

My career as a broadcaster started in Toronto at AM 640, when, as a plucky intern, I was tasked with covering the Eminem censorship story. (Read: Dream assignment for a 16-year old hip hop fan)


Radio took me to places I never dreamed. I remain fascinated and awestruck by the power of audio and the impact of incredible scripting and delivery.

At one point, I was the youngest female talk show host on the Canadian air waves. I’ve covered 14 elections across Canada, precedent setting court cases, award-winning social impact stories and yes- I’ve even dropped ‘turkeys’ from a helicopter. (Ask me about it - I’ll happily tell you the story and assure you that no fowl were harmed in the making of that Morning Show stunt).

Industry insiders all say radio people make the best TV people because we can talk without pictures. I made the leap from audio to visual in 2012 and can assure you it’s true.

Television - it’s like radio, but with more buttons and better clothes.

Oh and as all of this news anchoring and journalism was happening? I was building DIY Passion Media that has consistently grown 100% year-over-year, every year since 2015.

Here’s the TL:DR - what you need to know about me is that I’m passionate about what I do, I love my craft and I’m proud to work with brands to leverage my personality, perspective and professionalism to push the boundaries of good content and amazing storytelling.

Combine my 'old school' and 'new school' skills and you have today's 'unicorn' digital strategist that is me. I dance between creative content and data-driven marketing decisions. I understand there's more to influence than numbers and there's more to numbers than meets the eye.

I do TV. I do radio. I do digital. I do events. I do strategy. And I love it all.