Personality. Perspective. Professionalism.

How to work with me

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Media or Brand Ambassador

I’m a natural on-camera and I understand trust. I work with select brands to help elevate the conversations around what they do. I integrate seamlessly with marketing and PR teams to book, produce and deliver amazing live and live-to-tape content.

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Influencer Strategist

I live on both sides of the equation; agency experience and a digital lifetime building my own web and social channels. I help brands like you find footing and a voice in the influencer space.

From branded content to Instagram campaigns, finding the right partners to help you grow, to knowing when influencers are not right for you; I can help you with all of that.

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Keynote Speaking

I was an ‘influencer’ before that was a coined term and as such, I’m frequently asked for my expert opinion on the industry. I’ve led dozens of sessions on topics from ‘How to Blog’ to ‘How to work with Sponsors’ and ‘The Future of Influence’.

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